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“We want a cozy, secluded, 20-acre farm surrounded by hills, trees and streams, within walking distance of shops, restaurants, schools, theaters and hot night spots. And, since we are always on the go, we don’t really need a fancy kitchen so if you have something with a food court that would be great!”
As you read the above quotation, you may smile or even giggle; however, this is Realtor life – 100% – and I LOVE it!
Real Estate is my third career and my favorite! As a former broadcast journalist, my life was boring. I reported on what happened in the lives of other people. As a corporate communications expert, I got to write and report on what happened within the confines of a corporation and sometimes, how that affected the public.
As a Realtor, I get to be part of the story! I get to PROVIDE the happy ending. I am no longer a witness on the sideline, but I actually get to work with individuals and families to secure what may be their biggest asset. At the same time, I get to help others through life transitions, i. e. selling their home to buy a bigger one as their families grow; selling their big home for a smaller one as their children grow up and move on; assisting grown children as they go through the sometimes painful process of selling their own childhood home.
Almost anyone can be a Real Estate Agent, but I honestly believe it takes a special person to guide buyers and sellers through these life experiences that just happen to involve real estate transactions.
It is my hope that as you decide on a Real Estate Advisor to assist you, that you choose someone like me who will hold your hand through the often complicated and sometimes frustrating process of inspections, financing and on-going negotiations; someone who will hear the absurd requests of your dream home and not laugh at you but educate you on your buying power and the reality of the real estate market.
I am here to guide, educate and hand-hold when necessary. I want to be part of YOUR story and YOUR happy ending.

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