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15 Ways to Spend Your Extra Commission Earned from Worth Clark Realty

Let's cut to the chase, most brokers charge you a lot for their support, technology, marketing department, and the most recent..equity in the company. But, have you ever considered the thought that

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Sewer Lateral Inspections Are a Must

Regardless of the age of the home you're thinking about buying, we highly recommended you obtain a sewer later inspection along with any other inspections you might be considering.What is a sewer

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Brokerages Should be Customer-Centric, Not Agent-Centric

Imagine going to a “waiter centric” restaurant. In this hypothetical restaurant, the first concern isn’t the customer’s experience. It isn’t great food or even great

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What is Title Insurance

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive from homebuyers, whether it be a first time homebuyer, or those that have bought and sold more than a couple homes in their life.The short

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